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Characteristics of Generations in Marketing

Marketing Generations are the segmentation of population groups according to their years of birth, studied with a perspective of Marketing in order to find patterns and know the behavior and buying habits of the people of each generation.

For example: when we hear the term "Baby Boomers", we refer to a "Marketing Generation", which is identified by many characteristic population and behavioral traits that make it the subject of study within the Marketing discipline. The Marketing Generations also arrive thanks to the support of disciplines of human behavior such as Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, Sociology, Biology, Administration, Advertising among others, in order to obtain and describe behavioral patterns that will narrate the behavior human rights and their acting in society with the mission of determining their ways to consume goods or services.

Now we will describe the main Marketing Generations, their main features and the details that make each generation special in the context of Marketing.

The Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomers generation refers to the individuals born between the year 1946 to the year 1964. The generation that lives the birth of the so-called American dream and the American middle class and the so-called Suburbs in the United States. Its members are the generation that benefits from the savings of the previous generation and that generates a strong period of economic expansion.

Characteristics of the Baby Boomers generation

  • They are believers in a God or something superior, they practice a religion and profess their faith in front of society.

  • They value ​​work.

  • They like to grow fast in their work organizations.

  • They like to debate ideas, discuss the world and politics.

  • They express their taste for love and social peace in the community.

  • They want to have stability and status quo at all times.

  • Large families.

  • Migration from the countryside to the cities to study begins.

  • Change in the family model due to the incorporation of women into the labor and academic markets and their right to participate in politics.

Baby Boomers social characteristics:

  • The use of the car generated social status.

  • Movies.

  • Radio and radio soap operas.

  • Read newspapers.

  • Television is born and becomes massive reaching homes with programs such as: TV shows, newscasts, documentaries, novels, there is a taste for themes of extraterrestrial life and films of the old west in the United States.

Generation X

Generation X is the one that includes those born between 1965 and 1980. It is a generation that will be remembered for experiencing very strong political changes, such as the incorporation of women into the world of work, the cold war, the women's liberation movement, among others. It is the generation that lives a strong universal expansion and is supported by migration from the countryside to the city, strengthening concepts such as free thought and experiencing the first social protest movements.

Generation X Features:

  • They are believers, they practice a religion, but they question some particular creed behaviors.

  • It is a generation that is born with analog life, the electronic concept is developed a lot, but this generation does not like technology very much.

  • They are people who like bureaucracy as a personal and social practice.

  • They are multitasking people.

  • Thanks to the education they have had, they are entrepreneurs.

  • Lovers of social movements with a cause, rebellion and anarchy were present in some groups of this generation.

  • Hippie movements.

  • The opening to sexual, race, political and faith diversity begins.

  • Physical, personal and costume appearance are very important to this generation.

Generation X social characteristics:

  • Attending restaurants, bars, social events, trips abroad added to gadgets would give social status.

  • Movies.

  • Radio.

  • Read newspapers, magazines, and comics.

Generation Y or Millennials

Millennials are the Generation born between the years 1981 to 1999. Generation Y or Millennials has been one of the most studied for having a broad propensity to consume, in addition to being the population with the highest participation today and represents about 32% of people in the world.

The Millennial generation is the one that lives the arrival of the digital world, that lives the transition from the first video games to the development of social networks, it is a generation that has shown great adaptability to changes and that in general values ​​experiences in a way stronger, being the generation that currently consumes the most worldwide.

Characteristics of generation Y or Millennials:

  • They are believers in a God but some do not practice any religion.

  • They like fun and are very democratic in social aspects.

  • They read the labels.

  • Cooking and eating is a social event, they tend to eat a lot on the outside.

  • They take pleasure in the easy and practical.

  • They own their own time.

  • They begin to practice a language or communication methods through text messages, emoticons and little use of vocabulary.

  • Technology is part of their life.

  • Ease of adaptation to change.

  • They are enterprising and have some difficulties with authority.

  • They like extreme sports.

  • They are facilitated and show interest in the use of a second language.

  • They are apolitical and familiarly detached.

  • They are indecisive.

  • They generate an immense taste for what is retro or what leads them to live experiences from their childhood or the past.

Millennials versus entertainment and communication:

  • This generation is a lover of playing video games.

  • Movies.

  • Radio.

  • Read newspapers, magazines, and comics.

  • The love of watching movies on devices (Betamax, VHS, DVD, Blu-ray) at home. Horror or scary movies set the trend.

  • Excess television consumption is considered to be the generation that has watched television the most and now consumes more time on social networks.

Generation Z, Centennials or Digital Natives

Generation Z is the generation of people born between 2000 and 2019, also called Centennials or Digital Natives within the identifiable traits of this generation (still developing) it is said that Generation Z has people who love the environment, it is the first generation YouTuber and who uses video as a communication mechanism.

It is the first generation to be born with smartphones and the one to experience very important changes in terms of society, the environment and politics, where their reactions to these changes are not yet known.

Today's children are Centennials or are part of Generation Z and do not yet have defined characteristics in their buying patterns but it is believed that they will be more sustainable consumers, more aware of social reality and that they will buy brands that align with their interests personal, political and social. His role today is to influence the purchase of previous generations.

Some characteristics of Generation Z:

  • Believers in some deity, but they do not practice any creed.

  • Impatient and easy.

  • They are multi-screen.

  • Environmentalists, animalists and concerned about all social causes.

  • They like water better than sugary drinks.

  • They are liberal and do not like to follow rules.

  • They have a taste for tourism, traveling and meeting.

  • His sports hobbies are more global than local due to access to information and practice.

  • They like online shopping, they learn from tutorials and they handle social networks very well.

Regarding entertainment and communication, Generation Z has the following features:

  • Love to live online and streaming experiences.

  • Movies.

  • Podcast.

  • Read infographics, magazines and virtual articles.

  • Enjoy of watching series and movies by streaming.

  • Internet consumption is very high.

  • They consume little television.

These are the main generations in Marketing, although we have their characteristics listed up here, these could change and we can also add many more. You can see a lot of differences among generations and these are important to take into account when developing a marketing strategy and buyer persona. Let us know if you think of any other characteristics we can add!

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