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Digital Marketing During Coronavirus

Our world is changing rapidly, and recently we have been facing an invisible threat. The now declared pandemic of Coronavirus has changed the way we do business recently. As news and protocols change by the day, businesses need to adapt to different regulations. Some businesses have closed their doors to comply with the law and others have changed their processes to remain open.

For this reason, we came up with ideas to consider for your business during the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Stay active on social media

As we follow recommendations from experts and take precautions, most of us are staying home during this time. This is a perfect time to show empathy to others and help as you can. More people will find themselves scrolling on social media for the latest news and updates, during this time, you should be sensitive with the content you are publishing and try to build your brand from another perspective, perhaps you can show how your business is helping others! If your business donated to a food bank or made a contribution of some sort, you should share it on social media!

2. Offer special discounts

Many people are at home browsing the web for discounts and making online orders. If your business is open or partially open, it is a great time to offer an incentive to buy from you! This way, you can keep the revenue flowing and engage with your customers. Some online stores are offering a 20% - 30% off on their entire website. Others are offering free shipping and free returns. Also, if you are in the business of restaurants, you can offer free delivery or some offers for your loyal customers. 

3. Connect with your customers

This is the time to find ways to connect with your customers like never before. Let your customers know all the ways you are  increasing your sanitary practices and how your business is running now. If you had to close for some period, let them know. For example, some dentists are closing their offices, but still they can be reached for emergencies, make sure you are giving the public this information. Also, if your business is offering curbside pick up, let them know the process to order and your website or phone number. All of these updates should be part of your social media campaigns.

Remember that this outbreak is temporary and your business will bounce back. Consumer’s spending habits will stabilize, but for now, we need to take some measures to adapt to this time. During these few days, stay active on social media giving updates on your business, people are spending more time looking at their phones and they want to know what is going on out there.

If your business is able to help the community make sure you share it, it’s possible that some other businesses join yours! Century Digital Marketing offers social media management services, if you would like a free consultation let us know!

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