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Five content marketing mistakes you shouldn't make

Sometimes that well-structured article fails to capture the reader. We can get frustrated at first and feel like we have failed in content marketing. For this reason it is necessary to learn and detect those errors in which you should not fall.

What is content marketing?

Sure you have the concept clear, but let's pause and remember. It is a technique that allows us to capture our target audience, through relevant content that manages to retain them to convert them into potential customers. Does it sound new and novel to you? The truth is that the term has been around for several years in the marketer world, but thanks to the online format we think of multiple creative and relevant ways to reach the user.

We finish the theoretical and begin to analyze what happened with a certain post that did not cause the desired effect to reach that conclusion, metrics are your allies. Also, visualize that your numbers are in relation to the various media where they are promoted, that would be your first indicator to recognize if the target audience is there.

Common content marketing mistakes

Creating content is the first thought that comes to mind when we think of communicating with users. It is not talking or saying something to add information to social networks or blogs, it is to focus on the needs of the user and how we can make a difference with the content.

Content marketing seeks from positioning the brand to boosting social networks, in your social media plan you decide where you are going with this strategy. All that said, let's go with the five mistakes to avoid:

1. Repetitive content. Each platform caters to the needs of a specific audience, do not forget it. The old bad practice of writing everything the same on each platform was forgotten. Users are increasingly demanding and value feeling cared for with relevant content.

2. Repeating keywords. You want to avoid this exceeding the number of times the keyword appears per 100 words. When talking about a particular topic you should let the writing flow and the reading be more fluid for the user.

3. Content extension. Writing for Instagram or Facebook is not the same as for a blog on a website, therefore you must be clear about the channel through which you want to transmit the message and thus recognize the number of words that can be used to capture the user.

4. Listen to your surroundings. Creating a campaign focused on content marketing has as provision what happens in the social context and in the interests of the trend of your target audience at that time.

5. Plan without strings attached. Work with a content or campaign schedule, but remember that it can be modified. Also, I recommend doing it weekly (this is subjective, there is no rule).

Why do content marketing?

If you still have doubts so far, I can tell you that by thinking about the objectives of each stage of the conversion funnel, it allows us to visualize the content that can be worked on to be fulfilled and also improves the customer journey processes. So, the following can be highlighted:

It allows you to have better visibility and attract potential customers.

Gain empathy with the audience by connecting with the story.

Increase the number of users who join the brand.

It can be said that content is that hook in the digital world and depends on the creativity imposed on it to make our communities trust with a message about something designed for the target audience and that can be presented in various formats, but in the end of the day supports the phrase that content is king and context is queen.

Content marketing trends

2020 forecasts in trends have changed radically. Although more than one agency ended up in crisis renewing campaigns and freelancers had to make schedules again, after having everything approved, there are certain trends that are still in force.

Be authentic! TikTok proved that it wasn't just for Gen Z. Being creative and focusing content on what's authentic for your audience is here to stay. The generation that has been growing up will be our next big buyers and they will not fall for any copy and paste message. It's time to work and be original!

Tell stories thinking of your buyer persona. Recognizing their interests and having that visualization of that semi-fictional character of whom we speak on online platforms, allows us to create a story with which they feel empathy and connection.

Find out what the audience wants to know. The last months of 2020 taught us that being aware of trends or comments from our audience generates great results when putting together our campaign.

Content marketing seeks to generate emotions in users by telling stories that allow engagement with the brand communities. As more social platforms continue to appear, communications must be much more authentic and focused on their interests.

Something that we have to be clear about is that content marketing is not a formula, it will change driven by changes in the market and in the preferences of the evolving generations, this only means that we must be vigilant in monitoring the communities and the context that surrounds them to know how to communicate with them. Let us know if you are interested in a meeting to discuss your marketing strategy!

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