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How to Increase Interactions on Instagram

Do you admire Instagram accounts that have hundreds of comments? Do not worry because here you will learn how to increase engagement on Instagram.

But it is not something magical, you will have to work daily to be an account with many interactions. Having good content and posting often is important, but if you don't follow these recommendations, you're only halfway there.

1- Say hello to your new followers

What do you do when you get a notification of a new follower? Do you check their profile? Do you thank them? Do you ignore it?

When you get a new follower, say hello. But not a “thank you for following me” or “welcome to my community”. Head over to their account and like or comment on posts that catch your eye. Make them feel that you know they exist and that you value them within your community. It is true that this habit is easier to do when you are just starting out or receiving a few new followers, but always keep it in mind.

2- Like many photos

You have to be proactive and go for your community. If you have a passive attitude and you sit posting and wait for them to arrive, you can be successful but it is better to be proactive. You can go through other accounts that are interesting to have them within your community and like (or comment) several photos of their profile.

You must go for accounts that do not know that they need you but that you do know that your product or service is perfect for them. Where are they? What hashtags do they use to find them more easily? They will see your profile and, if they like it, it’s very likely that they will follow you back.

3- Ask your followers questions

Do you want many comments to be left on your posts? Ask them. How? Leaving them a question at the end of the text of the description or photo caption.

It is true that, especially if you are starting, it may be that no one answers you. We have all experienced it but do not despair. Work to get it.

And that's why it's important to ask. You always have to guide the follower in this case.

Test it. You will notice very much the difference between asking a question or not. There is always a large percentage of people who heed the call to action, the question in this case.

You have to train your audience to answer your questions and, for that, you must do it every day so that they end up falling. You can start with questions that can be answered with an emoji or in a few words so it doesn't take a lot of effort for them.

4- Answer all the comments

You may have more or less time but NEVER neglect your community. An unanswered comment on Instagram is like going to a store, asking the worker a question, and they turn their face to you with no response. It would be weird, right?

If you have few comments, you have no excuse, dedicate some time a day to respond to all comments. If you can do it when you receive it, perfect, but you can also do it at the end of the day, for example.

In the case of large accounts with a lot of comments, try to respond to them or remember that you can always hire a professional for this, such as a Community Manager. If, in addition to replying, you give them a valuable comment and speak to them by name, then it will be a perfect answer. We love to be called by our name and more if that follower admires you.

5- Write valuable comments

Replying to comments is fine, but like we mentioned, comments need to be of value. Whether it is a response to a comment that has been written on your content, or if it is a comment on the publication of another account, you must add value. Do not be one of those who write an emoji or 'good content', it can be real but it can also be a robot or an automated comment and that is not liked. Neither the creator of the post nor the Instagram algorithm likes it. It is better to not say anything than to write a comment that damages your personal brand or that of your business.

6- Connect Instagram profiles

Share profiles that can really be useful to your audience. You already know that you have to have a very specific Instagram account and for a very specific niche of people, therefore, you will not reach everything. This is where you can recommend other accounts related to your sector but that talk about topics in which you are not an expert.

7- Include a call-to-action

It is similar to asking questions to be answered, but here you can include any call to action (CTA). Asking a question is one of them, but you can also promote them to click on the link in the bio, or to contact you by message, or to go to your website, or to record a story mentioning you. You can create any call to action you want, but there should be at least one per post.

You must guide your followers and visitors to know what to do after viewing or reading your content. If they don't know what to do, they won't do anything, and that's not what we want. If you start doing it, you will see the big difference between adding, or not, a CTA to your posts.

These are the 7 actions you can implement to have an Instagram account with many interactions. The Instagram algorithm changes constantly and one thing is for sure, they want us to interact with other accounts and be consistent in our effort to grow our pages.

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