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SEO Writing

We often hear about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a service that includes optimizing websites to have better rankings and performance, part of it is including SEO writing. But, what exactly do we mean by SEO writing? It means creating written content for a website that includes specific keywords, with the purpose of making the content relevant. These keywords are targeted words or short phrases that are directly related to the topic and will help the audience to find your website when using search engines. 

There are many reasons why SEO writing is important for online presence and success. First of all you want your targeted audience to find you, for this reason, the keywords used need to be accurate and they need to match exactly what your target audience is searching for. Also, your search engine ranking can be affected by this. Google can detect if the link to your website has been clicked on and the activity after that. If a person clicked on it but returned back to Google right away this can affect your rankings meaning that your SEO writing may be confusing.

Best Practices:

Create content regularly

This goes without saying. Creating relevant, high quality content as often as you can is one of the best practices that will help you move up in Google’s rankings. By high quality content, we mean content that is long enough (around 1200 words) and it should cover the topics that are relevant to your website. Make sure you use SEO keyword research to help you best determine the subject of the content you should be creating for your business. Additionally, if your content is shareable on social media, it will increase your search engine rankings.

Make sure your content is interesting

A great way to think of this is to create content that you would enjoy reading. The worst mistake is creating content just to have something to post.It’s clear when a writer is not interested in what they are writing and it definitely shows on their content. Just try to come up with interesting topics and gather your ideas around them, the rest will follow. 

Structure your posts

The format of your posts is crucial to keep the audience entertained. If the content is great but it is unorganized, it's easy to get lost. Try breaking up your content into small paragraphs with headlines to make it easier to read for your audience. 

Monitor your activity

Make sure you are analyzing your content efforts. There are plenty of ways to know if your content is giving you a good result or if there are some things you should work on. Just a quick look at some of the metrics from your website will give you a good idea of which type of content is being well received and it will create a path for you to follow.

If you're just starting to get into the world of SEO, it is easy to get confused and lost. Our advice is to consult with a team like Century Digital Marketing that will provide you with proper guidance  on this field. Even if you want to create your own content, we can help you upgrade your existing content, or conduct keyword research for you. Book a free consultation today to get going!

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