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The Main Characteristics of an Effective Website Design

In today’s time, an effective website design can be the difference between a potential customer and an actual one. Having said so, not every website design can be effective. A combination of different factors such as visual cues, colors, fonts, and images must be taken into consideration in order to create an effective design that will be appealing to your audience. The main characteristics for creating an effective website design are:

1. Keep It Simple

Having too many options in your website can overwhelm your audience and deter them from moving on. If you feel that some of your information is unnecessary, then it probably means you can go without it! Statistics have shown that simple web designs are more effective in allowing users to find what they need. A way to keep it simple is to take advantage of the empty spaces in your website. These spaces could make the page look more visually appealing; in addition, these spaces help the user stay focused on the information that matters.

2. Think Visual

Have you ever heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? Pictures and images have the power to give the user more information without having to spend time reading lines and lines of text. An effective website design uses images to strategically guide the user to where they want them to go. If you find yourself with an endless amount of paragraphs which could possibly dull the reader, then it’s probably time to substitute some if it with more visual cues! When choosing images for your website remember to keep in mind the quality. All the images should fit the style of your website. If possible, replace text on your website with infographics. These are proven to convey more information than paragraphs.

3. Colors and balance

As you may know, colors elicit emotional responses. When the colors are pleasant to the eye, a customer might feel inclined to stay on the website for longer and ultimately take action whether it’s a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. When choosing a color palette for your website, keep in mind that you are looking for a balance of contrast and harmony. You could start by using colors that match your logo. Avoid using bright/bold colors for backgrounds because these are not pleasant to the eye. Instead, use bold or bright colors for buttons, that way these will stand out. Also, pay attention to the fonts you choose for your website. Playful fonts can be used in headlines. Stick to the more simple fonts for text. Its recommended to use a maximum of three fonts throughout the website to keep it consistent.

4. Layout

The layout is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to creating an effective website. It is always a good idea to be unique and different, however, when it comes to creating a good layout, it is always best to stick with some default features. For example, usually contact information is located at the bottom of the page, and search bars are located at the top of the page. Users are so used to finding certain things in certain places on the website, changing that could result in some discomfort and confusion among users. For ecommerce websites make sure you use the typical words “Check out”, “Add to cart”, “Contact us”, etc. The goal is to make you web page easy to follow for the customers. 

5. Accessibility

One of the benefits of having a smartphone is that we can be digitally connected to the world on the go. Having said so, a big portion of website traffic comes from mobile users. In order to have an effective website design, it is important that your website caters to mobile users, and not just computer users.  You can create a mobile version of your website or utilize a website layout that adjusts automatically to different devices. 

Remember consistency is key! Making your website as convenient as you can for your audience is key to turning potential customers into recurring customers. As previously mentioned, keeping the same color scheme and fonts throughout your website will help you maintain a consistent style. Make sure you keep the information on your site organized, using a pattern will help you avoid clutter. We also recommend having other people take a look at your website to give you feedback.

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