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The Main Differences Between a Profile and Facebook Page

With constant innovations and improvements, the social network Facebook caters to a very large and varied audience and it seems to be fully aware of that.

If you use the platform for personal purposes because you want to follow the news of your contacts, the ideal is to create a profile. However, if you are looking to do online marketing and promote your business through this medium, it is best to create a Facebook page (also known as a fan page).

Not quite sure about the difference between each thing? We will explain it to you.

What is a Facebook profile? The Facebook profile is the version of the platform for individuals, its main audience when this social network was created.

It works like a "tab" within Facebook as it contains personal information, such as where you live or study, your network of friends (with limited contacts) and a timeline with photos, videos and notes linked only to the owner of the profile.

It also has birthday reminders, events calendar, games and many other tools for personal use.

What is published through a profile appears as "signed" by the author of the publication and seeks a more individual interaction.

What is a Facebook page? The page, by itself, already has a different purpose. The proposal is not to feed interests or share your daily news with friends and acquaintances, but to present content in a more professional way and committed to certain objectives.

Among the resources of this tool, the programming of publications stands out, the possibility of adding the address of a physical premises, managing it through different users and publishing on behalf of a company and not of a particular person.

Comparison between a profile and Facebook page

Look at this simple comparison of the main differences between the two ways of using this social network:


For personal (non-commercial) use. Other users add you as a friend.

Limited number of friends.

Managed by a single user.

Single level of administration.

Basic customization (profile and cover photo).

Information of the natural person.


For professional use.

Other users click "Like".

Unlimited number of "likes".

Managed by multiple users.

Different levels of administration ("Editor", "Administrator", "Moderator", etc).

Advanced customization (profile photo, cover, and plugins, for example).

Information of the legal person (brand).

- Special tabs.

- Statistics (Facebook Insights).

- Ad platform (Facebook Ads).

How to tell if you have a profile or a page on Facebook?

It is very simple, if the main page has the "Like" button, then it is a page. On the contrary, if it has the button "Add to my friends", then it is a profile.

In addition to improving your presence on the social network, it is important to use Facebook as it is intended. If you are promoting a business you have to create a page. On the other hand if you will share your day to day personal activities with your friends or family, it is best to use a personal profile. Take into account that this action is necessary to comply with the Facebook Terms and Conditions and keep your account safe.

What if I still don't have a Facebook page or profile?

On the main page of the service you can choose between creating a personal profile or a company page, depending on your goals. Make sure you keep your content separate on each. It is recommended to work with a digital marketing agency to create a page for your business and follow a strategy created specifically for your business goals and needs.

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