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Tips to Define the Tone of your Communication on Social Networks

The text you choose to go with an image, GIF, or video on social networks is a reinforcement of the message to connect with your target. Undoubtedly, it is not the same to speak to a teenager than to an elderly man, since it is through idioms or formality how we address a person helps us to connect our ideas with others in a more effective way.

The tone and language of communication that we choose to interact fulfills the same function in the digital world, so we must be careful in how we implement it in our social networks when building our brand.

Defining a tone to connect with our audience as well as the appropriate channel will help us create a favorable image of our brand and finally transmit confidence about it, generating in the viewer an empathy towards the published content, which will make it easier to share between users and therefore viralize your message / brand in a simpler way.

In general, social networks are a space for leisure and recreation, therefore our communication must generate a link in a personalized way, always avoiding only advertising our product or service. Ideally, a fanpage should be seen as an extra opportunity to connect with the audience by showing needs and giving solutions in an emotional way.

These are the most common communication tones in social networks and other digital channels:

  • Website: Corporate, the same as we would use if the interaction was in person.

  • Facebook: Up close and emotional.

  • Twitter: Informal and informative.

  • Linkedin: Formal and professional.

  • Instagram: Personal, close and emotional.

  • Blog: Informal (personal or professional)

The tone will depend on the channel and especially on your consumer. Here are some ideas to start off:

  • Share news and content that is useful to your audience, this will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Share little of your formal business activity content, remember nobody likes someone who talks about themselves all the time.

  • Listen to your audience, the users themselves will help us to consolidate our strategy if we stop bombarding them with our product as they will help us to detect their trends and needs.

  • A good method to promote your company with the audience is to take advantage of important events of daily life to position your business on social networks.

Remember to always consider that the user uses social networks to have fun, be informed and share their own day to day. In case you do not yet have a social media plan, you can start by polling your followers, paying attention to the things they share: from memes, content from other brands, music, humor and even how they write, it will give you a great overview of what that is in trend for your user group and therefore you will get fresh ideas to choose the most appropriate tone of communication to position your brand on social networks.

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