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What is User Generated Content?

How many times have we heard the phrase "the best advertising is word of mouth"? User Generated Content is a faithful ally in any brand’s objective of attraction, conversion of their users and customers. When starting to implement this strategy, it is essential to focus and consider the options that the types of content present in your content marketing approach.

The message, the tone, the way of expressing it and the way of presenting it to your target audience must be approached with delicacy and thoroughness. You have to know how to define from the beginning what you want to convey. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

User Generated Content is a strategy that is increasingly gaining weight within the formulation of a campaign strategy. There is a clear and defined objective when using this strategy: to influence the purchasing process of your potential customers.

Among the values ​​promoted by this type of actions linked to the overall strategy of the business are to provide greater credibility, increase brand awareness and enhance engagement with your audience.

How to implement user generated content actions?

When we talk about user generated content, we are referring to all content related to the brand in question or any of the products on the market whose main source is the end customer. That is, it is the user or consumer himself who generates, shares and projects a certain content referring to the brand.

The success of this technique lies in the fact that this type of content transmits greater confidence among the audience. A practice that communicates positively and feeds the opinion and perception of those who are likely to become the next customer. The success of this technique lies in the fact that this type of content transmits greater confidence among the audience. Which is settled in these channels full of trends, advertising and promotions.

The contents of the brand’s official profiles are transformed to give it greater realism. Especially in the face of an audience that takes in a more personal way the message shown by an ordinary person. In the same way that the spontaneity with which an ordinary user shares their shopping experience gives them greater confidence and empathy.

User generated content vs Influencers Marketing

It's very important to differentiate this strategy to others. We refer to those digital strategies that use influencer marketing. Brands that use the influencers strategy, the weight of the followers translated into millions does not have to translate into successful results. In fact, it is increasingly proven that engagement rates do not reap the desired results. And that despite the large volume of followers accumulated by the profile in question.

In short, user generated content reaffirms the idea that brands and businesses use this type of content to empathize more directly and naturally with the audience. To implement this type of strategy, there are various platforms that allow you to configure, moderate and automate all that content that users generate. At the same time, they improve their communication line with the community.

This strategy is widely used and it sure brings a lot of benefits to the brand’s image. When implementing this strategy make sure that the content is creative and high quality. At Century Digital Marketing we create personalized strategies for every business. If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss a proposal let us know, we will be happy to help!

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