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Which Social Media Network is Right for your Business?

Social Media is the key for small and mid-size enterprises hoping to strengthen their customer relationships in an attractive way. But there are so many social platforms that it can be tedious and overwhelming to maintain a presence on each one. The best alternative is to be and actively participate in Social Networks that can help your company more. And which are the best? Here is a list indicating the six best social networks companies should be in to improve their market share:

1. Facebook

Facebook is the best social network for small businesses, let's see why:

Audience: Facebook has more than 2,500 million active users, women and men in similar proportions.

Facebook can help your business to:

- Generate more dynamic relationships with customers, detailed updates and can use their profiles as extensions of their websites.

- Build a brand with the Facebook community, using various applications.

- Monitor the activity of the company page, thanks to Facebook Insights, to obtain an answer on which content has the best reception (likes and comments).

- Ease and breadth for networking.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network that enables the search for new clients and professionals and facilitates relationships with influential brands for the company.

Audience: LinkedIn already has more than 335 million active users, of which 59% are men and 41% are women. Most of its audience is between 25-34 years old, followed by those between 35-54 years old.

Some of LinkedIn’s advantages include:

- Find new clients and facilitate relationships with influential brands for the company.

- Create contact circles to integrate qualified professionals and experts in the sector.

- Publicize the company and obtain relevant information for it through questions to different groups that can be created.

3. Twitter

This network has more than 500 million active users, and is excellent for generating conversations between brands and followers in just 280 characters.

Audience: The majority of Twitter users are women (62%), men (38%). 71% of users are between 25 and 54 years old.

It helps to:

- Companies that do not have much time but want to be connected.

- Find out what is being said about the brand, allowing a direct response to customer questions, criticism, as well as promoting products, providing consumer service, market research, etc.

4. Pinterest

A virtual whiteboard that allows users to "hang" photos, links, etc., and organize them. Other users can like, comment and share them.

Audience: The popularity of this site has exploded, receiving only 11 million visits in one week of December, forty times more than the number of visits received six months before. The majority of users are women (83%).

It serves to:

- Gain exposure for products, particularly those products whose designs are creative, since each post requires a photo.

- Businesses with visual merchandise that allows users to engage with the brand and industry.

5. YouTube

Thanks to tutorials and video blogs, this video sharing platform has become a key element in attracting consumers.

Audience: This site has similar proportions of women and men, but it is more segmented by age 45-54 (30%), 35-44 (22%) and 25-34 (18%).

YouTube can be useful for:

- Businesses whose products can be better promoted through tutorials and demos.

- Brands that can produce and benefit from quality videos.

6. Instagram

Instagram is a network based on images and short videos that is widely used by an audience where products and services are of great importance and can show news, services, products, events, and other information that are visual. This network has notably increased the number of users and today it is a key network for brands and users

Some of the advantages of Instagram are:

-Visibility: allows companies to publicize important news.

-Closeness: A business can communicate with their audience with a closer and different approach than other networks.

-Relationship: this closeness allows companies to generate relationships with their audience.

7. Tik Tok

Tik Tok, a network that has had a high impact, among young users and among some older users. Tik Tok is considered a carefree network based on images and videos, showing a funny face of its users. For companies it is key to know the characteristics of the behavior within the network and it is possible to carry out advertising and brand campaigns with interesting results.

We hope that this guide to the most popular social networks is helpful when deciding which social media network to use for your business marketing strategy. All of them can be used for different purposes. Make sure to pick the right one for your business and create a short term and a long term strategy to allocate the right resources and efficiently take advantage of these networks. If you would like to have a meeting and discuss our social media management services let us know! Our team is very experienced in social media efforts for different industries.

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